Nokia: “We need cheap Windows Phones to compete with Android”

Nokia has admitted that it needs to release cheaper Windows Phones to compete with Android.

Despite launching the bargain-priced Nokia Lumia 610 just last week, Niklas Savander, executive vice-president at Nokia, has told Pocket-lint that the firm need to release an even-cheaper model to compete. He said: “We have a lot riding on the fact that we need to get a lower price point”.

“We are competing with Android. Android is in many markets at the €100 price already, so that would suggest that if we are at €189 with the Lumia 610 we still have work to do when it comes to creating a lower-end first-time user smartphone.”

These comments also show that, although it’s still popular in developing countries, Nokia is looking to Windows Phone to replace its home-grown Symbian software. ”Symbian is doing a very good job in capturing that first-time smartphone user, but the platform is, of course, ageing,” Savander added. ”And the functionality isn’t evolving as rapidly as it should, so we need to continue to push the price of handsets down when it comes to the low-end.”

There’s no details as to when the Finns’ will be launching their debut “cheap” Windows Phone device, but we’ll bring you more details as soon as we get them.

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