Lumia 800 used to ‘spank’ challengers in Dare To Live Challenge

Some of you may recall that last month Microsoft launched a competition in which they challenged members of the public to see if their phones were ‘faster’ than Windows Phone handsets. Winners would be entered into a competition to win a special edition of The Hunger Games on DVD, while losers would have to hold up banners saying they got ‘smoked’ by a Windows Phone.

Now, Microsoft have launched a similar campaign in the UK called the ‘Dare To Live’ Challenge which, to be frank, sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than the US version. The same principle applies; members of the public are challenged to a bunch of tasks on their phone – such as weather-checking or looking up local amenities – while a member of the Microsoft team does the same on their phone.

In what will come as a welcome publicity boost for Nokia, the phone chosen to represent the Windows Phone OS is their very own Lumia 800. Furthermore, the rules of the challenge are modified in a way to pretty much encourage people to lose. If you win the challenge, you get given £20 cash. If you lose, however, you have to take part in challenges such as bungee jumps and climbing.

Suddenly, being a loser doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, does it? The Lumia 800 is a phone that’s been well-received in general, but its sales have been overshadowed by the ongoing dominance of Android and iOS-based phones.

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